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Re: "Action Items" From FUDCon?

On Jan 13, 2008, at 19:51 , Jeff Spaleta wrote:

On Jan 13, 2008 6:33 PM, Paul W. Frields <stickster gmail com> wrote:
* being a WordPress/Lyceum (multiuser) provider
 * Seth knows about this as well as of this morning, and didn't
immediately want to kill anyone
 * using it to test OpenID capabilities (there's an OpenID 2.0 plugin
for WP)

The Fedoratv codebase is a wordpress derivative as well.  So keep that
in mind.  Having our own wordpress instance, might mean we can grow a
competent contributor base for both a wordpress and Fedoratv base and
move the Fedoratv development forward more quickly.

FWIW, I evaluated various blog systems a while back for use by the community of a large publishing-related site, and Wordpress/Lyceum were among the less desirable ones. Especially avoid Wordpress-MU (it creates a new set of DB tables for every single user...)

Just wanted to suggest taking a look at roller.apache.org or blojsom.com. The main Roller hacker also lives in the NC Triangle area, and was very helpful answering my questions in the past, as well as incorporating changes to accomodate my requirements.

-- Elliot

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