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Fedora account restrictions

After a lengthy discussion on IRC, they told me to post here.

I am trying to get a package in the repos, http://launchpad.net/gasp , so that it can be used on the OLPC XO.

Unfortunately, I am not legaly allowed to sign contracts, as I am <18 but >13. My name also cannot be disclosed. I would be able to aquire parental permission to do so, but I still would not be permitted from having my name appear in the logs, instead being identified by my psyudonym, "ffm".

I understand the concern on the part of end users who would like to know who is making their software, but is there any way I can disclose such information only to the Red Hat corperation, but not to the world?
https://admin.fedoraproject.org/accounts/userbox.cgi reqires that my name be included, which I would rather not do.


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