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Re: Fedora account restrictions

On Jan 17, 2008 4:21 PM, ffm <ffm intserverror com> wrote:
> After a lengthy discussion on IRC, they told me to post here.
> I am trying to get a package in the repos, http://launchpad.net/gasp , so
> that it can be used on the OLPC XO.
> Unfortunately, I am not legaly allowed to sign contracts, as I am <18 but
> >13. My name also cannot be disclosed.

> I would be able to aquire parental
> permission to do so, but I still would not be permitted from having my name
> appear in the logs, instead being identified by my psyudonym, "ffm".

Your name cannot be disclosed legally?  Or is it just undesirable to
be disclosed? I can understand there possibly being an issue with
being a minor with regard to legal contracts, but not being able to
have your name disclosed on a legal basis seems odd to me.

Can't we have your legal guardian sign the contract taking
responsibility for your actions by doing so, and be willing to
disclose their name in place of yours whenever necessary?

> I understand the concern on the part of end users who would like to know who
> is making their software, but is there any way I can disclose such
> information only to the Red Hat corperation, but not to the world?
> https://admin.fedoraproject.org/accounts/userbox.cgi reqires that my name be
> included, which I would rather not do.

I'm not sure its appropriate to allow anonymous contribution.  But I
am sensitive to the issue of minors exposing personal information.
Perhaps its enough to allow minors to participate with
parental/guardian consent in such a way that the project can disclose
the parent's name as a contributor, but then the minors who are doing
the actual contributing remain anonymous.

It's an interesting issue.


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