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[Fwd: Re: Eeedora (Fedora + Eee PC) - hosting question?]

Someone from memo-list told me to email the board about eeedora. The following is the email I sent out to red hat's memo list:

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Anderson Silva wrote:
I got an Eee PC this week, and I installed Eeedora (http://eeedora.rmbsanalytics.com/) on it (Thanks to Ashcrow's help for suggesting it).

My Eee PC is a 2Gb model, and when I first tried to install Eeedora, it crapped out on the install due to a 2048MB / partition requirement. I contacted the owner of the project (Martin Andrews), and he was kind enough to update his image so it would start working on the 2Gb Eee PC models. I've worked with him for a couple of hours testing the image, and doing some debugging on his web site, and while talking to him the discussion about hosting Eeedora a bit closer with the Fedora Project.

The bottom line is this... Is there a way for him to contact someone in the Fedora Group to see about hosting? If that's possible contact me off-list with instructions. I have his contact info.

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