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Fedora Board Recap 2008-JUL-15


== Roll Call ==

Attendees: John Poelstra, Matt Domsch, Paul Frields, Jef Spaleta, Seth Vidal, Harald Hoyer, Jesse Keating, Karsten Wade, Chris Tyler, Spot Callaway, Bill Nottingham

== Mingw ==
* Cross compiling certain applications for Windows
* Board is considering from a perspective of overall affect on Fedora Project
** Leave technical details and implementation to FESCo
* Fedora should be in support of furthering open source software even if it doesn't run on Linux
** How far should this be taken?
** Special casing each new instance of cross compiling
* Board supports such an effort as long as it is self contained and separated from the main package respository
* Board expresses concern on potential future resource issues
# Ask SIG to fill out request for resources with Infrastructure
# Karsten to start a new thread on fedora-advisory-board concerning trademarks

== Release Stability ==
* Some board members are concerned that too many updates are being made to our stable releases
* Board request more information from FESCo on the following:
*# Statistics from bodhi about the number updates and bugs fixed
*# Regression statistics from bugzilla
*# Is there a policy against updating shared library versions in stable releases?

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