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Confusing description of score voting (aka range voting)

I just saw this problem: http://davidnielsen.wordpress.com/2008/07/16/i-voted-fesco2008/

I'll bet that would not have happened if the instructions were to rate the candidates from 0-10.  The point about giving as many score options as candidates is confusing, and of trivial value.  Even a 1-5 rating would be more than sufficiently expressive.  People just have to accept that with score voting, you can't necessarily specify every ranking between the candidates.  The Bayesian regret still comes out great.

Please see => http://rangevoting.org/Why99.html

Also, we at the Center for Range Voting would like to analyze anonymous ballot data if possible, as part of our ongoing scientific research into voting methods.  These elections are particularly significant because they were contentious.  We can't get score voting implemented in real government elections if we can't start by citing real world examples of its use in contentious elections, and so we'd greatly appreciate access to that data.

Clay Shentrup
San Francisco, CA

clay shentrup
phone: 206.801.0484

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