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Re: Fedora Board Recap 2008-JUL-15

On Thu, Jul 17, 2008 at 6:15 PM, Josh Boyer <jwboyer gmail com> wrote:
> I know for a fact that the people on the Board are more than capable of
> thinking hard about this.  And you apparently have already done so.  At
> the very least disclose the discussion you had that made you feel so
> confident that cross-compiling could be accomplished.

If I remember the conversation accurately, I believe spot's comments
concerning his personal use koji to build a perl branch assuaged my
primary concern on whether a space can be built for this in a workable
manner.  Though honestly, I'm somewhat crap with voices so it might
not have been spot.  A more international grouping on the Board would
have made it easier to know whose talking when on calls based on
accents.  And you are absolutely correct, the private calls suck for
this sort of stuff. We know that. We cut discussion short on
implementation details specifically because we are sensitive to the
fact that its a private call.

If you missed some of my back and forth with Richard Jones concerning
the mingw policy 'discussion', do to the over lengthy nature of my
posts, I could attempt to summarize my personal feelings on things,
just as long as everyone understands that I am doing so at the behest
of FESCo and not attempting to usurp authority. Please understand that
I am trying to be sensitive to the recent discussions concerning how
the Board and FESCo are meant to work together.  I've no problem
making personal suggestions but I want to be as considerate as I can
to FESCo's role as an authority. Obviously I didn't do as well as I
could have separating my personal input to FESCo from the Board
mandate in my previous post. So I am somewhat gun shy to drop more of
personal braindump in FESCo's lap prior to them even taking up the
issue formally and talking amongst themselves.

What I would prefer to do is make sure that I am at the FESCo meeting
where this topic is introduced, so I can act as a resource to FESCo.
We should make sure that spot is there as well I guess.  If FESCo
wants me to personally tap me to draft up my braindump on the
packaging policy, by working with Richard Jones and the other
developers who have initiated this.. outside of the public lists...I
can do that, as long as I haven't burned too many bridges in the fab
conversation leading up to this moment.


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