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Election Data

To whom it may concern:

As a concerned citizen, deeply committed to improving the long term peace and prosperity of my species, I am requesting *anonymous* ballot results for your recent score voting elections - purely for scientific study.  It is my sincere belief that such data, however anecdotal it might be, is the closest we can come to the sort of ballot data we would see if score voting had been used in political elections, since the Fedora elections are actually consequential (unlike, say, polls).

Here are some links which underscore my sense that this issue is incredibly import for humanity's long-term best interest:

This sort of data was made available for the HaikuOS icon selection: http://rangevoting.org/HaikuIcon.html

Debian also makes their election data public, though they use a worse and much more complex Condorcet method, called "Shulze".


clay shentrup
phone: 206.801.0484

"Iraq? No, YOU rock!"

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