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Request for Trademark Approval (Fedora Education)

Hi all,

as you may have noticed, we, the Education SIG [1], are currently working on improving Fedora's visibility in the educational sector. Therefore, we are planning to release a customized spin, which includes applications for educational purposes. According to our current roadmap, we would release...

* a spin based on F9, which would include mainly mathematical applications

* another spin, following F10's release cycle, which would include almost the same set of applications, but would be based on Rawhide for now.

The latter one is already in the Spin SIGs GIT repository (spin-kickstarts) and for now not concerned by this request, since we're planning to follow the Spin SIGs policies and to release the alpha / beta previews with generic-logos.

I am herewith requesting trademark approval for the spin based on Fedora 9. The related kickstart file is located here:


We are not using any external repositories or anything like this, since KDE 4.1 (which we wanted to include) has now almost hit the updates repository. This means, that the spin would only include Fedora-bits.

Best Regards,
Sebastian Dziallas


[1] https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/SIGs/Education

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