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[Fwd: AskFedora: What is the enhanced usage model or user experience model for Fedora?]


Interesting question. If anyone wants to take a stab at it?

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First thanks for the F9 release, it is a worthy member of the Fedora
Family, as I have experienced it over the last 10 years.

1. How should I approach this new desktop experience you have planned
for me?  
2. Should I devise a user and system policy for permission and access,
and implement it with each release?
3. How should I think about configuring machine to machine connections
and services?
4. Give me some sense of the user and server experience model you are
seeking to implement?

I view this question/quandary somewhat like the specialized Fedora
Spins... Only I'm a both a professional developer and serious hobbyist;
what have you preplanned for my spin?

I have three of my servers using F9, my main development desktop using
F8, and my laptop on F9.  My normal mode of operation is to setup my
servers (dns/tftp/pxeboot/dhcp/apache/svn..., storage raid5/xfs-nfsv4,
xen vms) as headless run-level 5 machines.  I then xdmcp into them as
needed or use a combination of ssh and nfsv4, to get work done.  And of
course I do all this from a dual-display Xorg desktop. 

Consider the difference between F6 and F9 releases. There have been many
new and significant technologies added with little or no guidance as to
how users should manage or compose their user experience. By that I
mean, SELinux, PulseAudio, ConsoleKit, UpStart, PackageKit, PolicyKit,
NetworkManager, PowerManager, and gnome-keyring REQUIRE a new way of
thinking and managing the desktop and server environment.  No longer can
we just disable or uninstall something we don't want to be bothered with
right now; i.e. 'yum remove gnome-keyring' will remove 119 packages
including most of gnome and gdm.

I have some behaviors (or bad habits), I consider my user experience
model.  That model is now encumbered - and to recover I need to
re-invest time in learning and customizing the new xxxkits and other
services to re-establish a high performance development environment.  

I view this question/quandary somewhat like the specialized Fedora
Spins... Only I'm a both a professional developer and serious hobbyist.

Finally, let me salute your efforts again.  Fedora represent more than a
significant repackaging of something else.  It, for me, represents THE
most current releases of leading edge software available, rolled into a
immediately usable, consistent, coherent, and trust able distribution.
I often find other distro's forcing software bundles like Ruby into
their way of thinking; making it very hard to re-use community
contributions because of the differences introduced by that distro from
the openly available codeset.  I note that I haven't been in RPM Jail
sense FC6, (well maybe once or twice, caused by Compiz or ATI drivers).

I'm not a newbie by any means, so give me some keys to get ahead of, or
at least up to speed with this enhanced Fedora usage model.


James Scott, Jr.
Registered Linux User #270764
A.K.A. Skoona

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