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Fedora Board Recap 2008-JUN-24


== Roll Call ==

* Attendees: Harald Hoyer, Jesse Keating, Paul Frields, Steve Dickson, Chris Aillon, John Poelstra, Bill Nottingham, Matt Domsch, Jef Spaleta, Karsten Wade
* Regrets: Seth Vidal, Spot Callaway, Dennis Gilmore

== New Business ==

=== New Board Members ===
* Welcome and Congratulations
* Process for filling remaining Red Hat appointed seat
** Re-balancing board from a Red Hat perspective (which includes taking the community into perspective too).
** Decision to be made by end of the day 2008-06-25
** Submit additional suggestions to Paul Frields by end of business today

=== FUDCon Boston ===
* Thoughts and take-aways for next time
* Wondering if Red Hat Summit helped or hurt
* We didn't have a lot to show the "drive-bys" from the Summit who came by the hackfest session * What about having a much larger booth as part of the exhibitors floor similar to LinuxTag?
* Summit does provide the advantage of having more Red Hat people on hand
* Really difficult for people to do two events at the same time
* Surprised at number of first time people that came to FUDCon
* Carry additional discussion items to fedora-advisory-board redhat com mailing list
** What could be a ''better'' FUDCon ?

=== Meeting Time & Date ===
* Confirm regular meeting time and date going forward
* Take into account new members
** Figure out on mailing list--Paul Frields will set up matrix

=== Upcoming Milestones ===
* Alpha freeze on 2008-07-15
* Alpha public release on 2008-07-29
* Getting feature process going for Fedora 10

=== Farewell ===
* Many thanks to departing board members Steve Dickson, Dennis Gilmore, and Chris Aillon for their guidance and support to Fedora
* This is their last meeting

== Followup to Previous Business ==

=== Fedora Organizational Structure (2008-06-03) ===
* Joint meeting with Board and FESCo held on 2008-06-09
** http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Board/Meetings/2008-06-09
** Proposed roles: https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/User:Pfrields/Drafts/Roles
* The board has not change its stance that FESCo owns the feature process
* Lengthy discussion about the path forward
* Board is waiting for detailed write-up from FESCo from meeting on 2008-06-12
*# Board to update wiki page describing its role
*# Board agrees with FESCo's defined role as defined: http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Extras/SteeringCommittee/Meeting-20080612
*# Board asks FESCo to update wiki page described

=== Codeina (2008-05-13) ===
* Need to restart discussion on fedora-advisory-board redhat com to get plans in place at the start of F10 * Chris Aillon to make contact with Bastien Nocera to find out what current plans are
** waiting on bug 438225 to proceed
** this change will enable auto-provide for codec information
** For Fedora 10 removing Codeina and using the distribution's built-in mechanism to install packages (if 438255) is implemented ** For Fluendo to continue to provide codecs to Fedora they will need to provide them as packages in a yum repo
** This errs on the side of more "free-ish" software
** Revisit progress of Bug 438225 thirty days from now

=== Secondary Architectures ===
* Put forward by Bill Nottingham for 2008-06-10 agenda
* ia64 is close to coming online and two issues need to be resolved to move forward: # Packages are signed with a fedora-ia64 specific key and the repository keys are hard coded in the fedora-release package as the main Fedora and Fedora beta keys. # The download baseurl (outside of the mirror lists, which are correctly handled) will be at secondary.fedoraproject.org (or whatever). Therefore they can not spin a release from Fedora packages. * RESOLUTION: No discussion. This is a technical issue to be resolved by FESCo (if necessary) and not the board.

== Future Business (discuss at a future meeting) ==
* Next meet with be public IRC meeting with the board
* Paul to send out announcement and coordinate IRC channels and moderator

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