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Re: Proposal: Fedora@Home Project

On Wed, Mar 5, 2008 at 6:38 AM, Matthew Farrellee
<mfarrellee+fedora redhat com> wrote:
>  The software is already packaged for F9. Initially, there is work to be
>  done along the lines of easily enabling the client side for users. Long
>  term, there is work to be done for handling NATs/firewalls, trusting
>  results, and scaling up to the aforementioned "million+" node open grid.

If most of the technology is already available and but needs to be
packaged up as part of Fedora, then it sounds like this could be
accomplished inside a SIG (Special Interest Group)

First, create a SIG page in the wiki that gives some scope to the
task.  Look at the Astronomy SIG wikipage for an example

Next, identify the packages that are already in and packages that need
to get into the repository that support the task. Collect a group of
people to work on getting those packages in. Hold regularly scheduled
SIG meetings on irc to work on packaging.

Then, Identify packages you feel need to be modified, and invite
individual maintainers to discuss necessary modifications with the

And while doing that if there is a missing tool set (like a high level
config tool), add a tools project to the Fedora hosted service, and
avoid using the word Fedora for the tool project's name.


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