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Re: Fedora and Google search: the final report

On Tue, Mar 11, 2008 at 9:18 AM, Greg DeKoenigsberg <gdk redhat com> wrote:
>  So that's it.  There are no simple avenues to pursue at this point, which
>  means that we are now open to pursue other options (wikia, fedorasearch
>  being the two I like best).  We should also consider whether we want to
>  change the default search to use these, which might require a break from
>  the Firefox brand.

My understanding is that fedorasearch is going to be narrow in scope
and not a general internet indexer. So with that in mind I don't think
it makes sense to make it the default search engine in the browser.
But I'd love to see it made available on our web properties and
potentially as an included search engine in the pulldown menu for the
toolbar search box in firefox.  Can we add an additional search in the
pulldown without losing the firefox brand?

The wikia I'm not so familiar with, so I won't comment.


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