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Re: Fedora and Google search: the final report

I'm not saying that we should use "@home" as I understand the IP implications. But, there is a spectrum of names from cool/clever like "Trellis," (which is how we often name open source projects) to something meaningful but boring like "Fedora Open Community Grid Project." We would need to market both--and anything in between--but less cool and clever is easier to market, at the expense of being, well, less cool and clever.


Jeff Spaleta wrote:
On Thu, Mar 13, 2008 at 12:42 PM, Bryan Che <bche redhat com> wrote:
 I used "Fedora home" in my initial e-mail--so people would instantly
 understand what I was proposing).  The alternative is that we'd have to
 put a lot of marketing effort behind making people aware of a name like

The reason why @home is instantly recognizable is the exact same
reason it's probably a trademark infringement to use it!

Yes... you absolutely have to make a marketing effort to establish a
new brand... that's why trademarks get protected status. You can't
trade on an brand of an established mark. Nor do you want other's to
make use of the value of the brand of the marks you establish without
your permission.


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