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Re: the Fedora filters

On Wed, 2008-03-19 at 11:14 -0400, Tom "spot" Callaway wrote:

> I think these need some tweaking, here is how my thought process goes:
> =           We cannot break US laws                =
>    Software patents and the DMCA are lame, 
>    but as long as Red Hat is a US company, 
>    we have to play by the rules. This means
>    respecting trademarks and copyright.

Maybe we can put this as a zeroeth filter, always the first and not
available for reorder.  It's also a binary filter.

> ==           Free Software is best                      ==
>    We prefer our software to be 100% free.
>    Free as in FSF.

I'm going to drag firmware and such in here; not because I'm arguing for
them as a form of software.  They are permitted in our distribution in
ways that either are exceptions or orthogonal to the free filter and the
open source filter.  Or is the argument they are not even part of the
equation because rule them to be "not software"?

- Karsten

> ===           Open Source is almost as good as Free           ===
>    In the few cases where something is OSI-approved
>    but not FSF Free, we'll take it, but we'll work to
>    free it. (Note: The only item that currently hits this
>    filter is the Artistic 1.0 license)
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