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Re: naming discussion for Fedora community grid project (previously aka Fedora@Home)

On Thu, 2008-03-27 at 22:12 -0500, Jeffrey Ollie wrote:
> When I first read this name I thought that it was COIN-TELLIGENCE and
> not CO-INTELLIGENGE as I suspect was intended.

I shied away because of the history of COINTEL in this country,
especially where it comes to freedom, and that's all I'll say on that

> So that leaves me with "Altamont", "Fedora Powerfarm", something
> related to "Fedora Delta Waves" or "Fedora Community Computing".

I liked "Powerfarm" in an initial pass.  I also liked:

Fedora Windfarm
Fedora Powernap
Fedora Sleepwalker

The list also gave rise to a few new directions for me:

Fedora Compute Village
Fedora Re-Cycling

- Karsten
Karsten Wade, Sr. Developer Community Mgr.
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Fedora : http://quaid.fedorapeople.org
gpg key : AD0E0C41

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