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Re: Coordinate different education spins/efforts?

The way I understand it is that K12Linux is a decendent from K12LTSP
which was about integrating LTSP into Fedora. The current tag for
K12Linux is "Using Linux For Your School Server". Furthermore the
project describes itself more like an upstream project: "K12 Linux is
really about education, not so much about a particular distro or

AFAIK, Warren is currently working on bringing the LTSP into Fedora.
He owns a feature for Fedora 9 ( http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Features/K12Linux ), stating "Integration of LTSP5 to enable easy terminal server and thin client capability.". So it seems like they are getting more Fedora-orientated (former releases have also been Fedora-based). The K12LTSP project has been around for some time, while the SIG has been quite new.

OTOH the education sig is definitely Fedora specific and looks beyond
server/client connectivity topics. I'm not sure that merging them
would really benefit the two groups (that certainly do partly

The Education SIG belongs directly to Fedora. But is a further cooperation between these two projects useful or not. It does not really makes sense, to produce a Fedora Education Spin ( http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/SebastianDziallas/Education ) and then have another K12 Desktop spin ( http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/K12Linux ), since this would only confuse the users: We would have two different spins (and maybe a third one) with only a slightly different target. As a user, how could I know, which spin to chose? And in the end, these spins might almost look alike (but we would have done the work twice). Therefore, I think we should coordinate the whole thing a little bit more. So, "who is doing what?", and "which mailing list and which project belong to which task?". I think a further discussion would help here - it would not even be necessary to merge the two projects,
but IMHO a clarification of the tasks would be very useful.
But then, both projects would need to agree to collaborate - trying to stay the course without any talks would _not_ work then.
Maybe Warren (and others) could comment on this.

At least that's my (short) experience with the two projects. Note
the EDU sig is quite fresh and thus doesn't quite have a record of
activities to back this up.

This might be correct, but I think it would be good to work out a rough plan how to work together, since otherwise it is very likely, that we would be doing the same work twice.

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