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Fedora Board Recap 2008-04-29


== Roll Call ==

Attendees: Paul Frields, Bill Nottingham, Chris Aillon, Matt Domsch, Karsten Wade, Seth Vidal, John Poelstra, Jef Spaleta, Dennis Gilmore, Steve Dickson

Regrets: Bob McWirther

== Followup to Previous Business ==

=== fedoraproject.org mail (2008-01-29) ===
 * Take steps to approach changes that were requested in the past
 * Could we create a better start and search page for Fedora mailing list?
 * ACTION: check back on status in one month
 * OWNER: Dennis Gilmore
 * '''FOLLOWUP 2008-02-26'''
   * Dennis has spoken with some people inside RHT IS
* should have no issues making a fedora branded interface to Red Hats mailman instance and having a @fedoraproject.org alias for fedora lists
   * existing lists will stay where they are
* could migrate all mailing lists to fedoraproject.org in time time if so desired
   * driving forces here is:
     1. making everything run Fedora
     1. break ties to RHT IS which does not make Fedora a priority
* fedoraproject.org email addresses lost four days of email a week ago and RHT did nothing to try and remedy the problem
   * '''FOLLOWUP on 2008-03-25'''
     * No update at this time
     * OWNER: Dennis needs to sit down and work things out with Red Hat IS
     * Next followup on 2008-04-29
   * '''FOLLOWUP on 2008-04-29'''
     * No update at this time
* Dennis will file a ticket with Red Hat IS to make sure things get attention and scheduled

== Open Conversation ==
 * Codeina
* Formulate a high level approach as a Board before we go back to community with what is desired
    * Let the community come up with the technical solution.
* One potential solution discussed so far in the community is tie-in with PackageKit
    * On tickler to revisit once F9 ships
 * Spins
   * No major updates
* FUDCon would be a great next place to have in person conversations about where things are going

== Next Meeting ==
 * IRC on 2008-05-06
* A good time to do a recap on what was better or worse in the Fedora 9 compared to other release cycles
 * OWNER: Paul Frields
 * ACTION: Send out announcement

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