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Re: Board nominations

>  We had a low turnout last time of runners actually and I worry that people
>  think they aren't qualified enough to run...  Anyone can run.  I encourage
>  those that have an interest in what Fedora is to run.
>  So to those of you on this list (and others) why didn't you run last time,
>  and what will be preventing you from running this time?

For me, it's two things: firstly, the experience thing. I've never
done anything like this before, and I'm sure there are plenty of
others who have far more experience who can do a far better job for
Fedora than I could!

And actually, number two is similar, but I don't think I'd be
confident that I could do a good enough job for Fedora on the board
and I certainly wouldn't want to let people down.

That said, I'm young and maybe in a few years I'll be putting myself
forward to run :)

Best wishes,


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