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Spin SIG - Document Drafts

Hi there,

it has taken me a while, but finally I've drafted up some documents for review by the Spin SIG, and other related parties such as the Release Engineering team, the current Spin maintainers, the (Advisory) Board, etc.

What we needed are the following:

1) Community Spin Guidelines - DOs and DONTs for Spin concepts that are to be included in the Kickstart Pool.


2) A Kickstart Pool - A collection of kickstarts that are to be distributed to the general public using a package, and that are to be used by Release Engineering as well as the Spin SIG to create, test and release spins from.


From what is in the livecd-tools package and source tree now, the Spin SIG has distilled a new set of kickstarts, located at


3) A Spin Submission Process - Details on how you, or anyone else, can get a spin concept into the Kickstart Pool, and how to advance from there to get an approval stamp from the board, and how to get the Spin included in the Release Cycle should that be in the Spin's scope.


4) Spin Distribution - A little something about possible distribution methods for spins not included in the release, or spins targeted at only part of our community (localized spins, for example).

Another document, regarding the access to the kickstart pool by the Spin SIG as well as others (Release Engineering, Spin maintainers), and it's branching and packaging policy will be drafted as soon as the above takes shape.

Kind regards,

Jeroen van Meeuwen

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