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Fedora Board Recap 2008-May-13


== Roll Call ==

Attendees: Bill Nottingham, John Poelstra, Paul Frields, Jef Spaleta, Dennis Gilmore, Chris Aillon, Seth Vidal,

Regrets: Matt Domsch, Steve Dickson, Karsten Wade

== Board Succession ==
 * Karsten Wade will continue in his seat
 * Harold Hoyer new appointee
* Third Red Hat appointed seat will be announced after the community elections
 * Four seats will be elected by the community
 * http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Board/Elections/Nominations
 * Board nominations run from now until June 12, 2008.
 * Board elections run from June 13 to 22, 2008
 * Final board meeting with current board June 24, 2008
 * First meeting of new board is July 1, 2008

== Codeina ==
* Need to restart discussion on fedora-advisory-board redhat com to get plans in place at the start of F10 * Chris Aillon to make contact with Bastien Nocera to find out what current plans are

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