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Fedora and the world

Hey all,

I'm not sure what people will think of this message, and it is no more
than a very rough discussion starter, but I thought I'd speak up and
see if anybody was interested.

How much consideration does Fedora put into its impact on the wider
world? One specific example might be our servers:

 * What are their PSUs like? I know some can be very wasteful while
others incredibly efficient.
 * Who are the electricity suppliers for them? Again, some are more
efficient than others, and some will get more from renewable sources
than others. Here in the UK, there are companies who guarantee that
for every unit of energy used, they'll produce one unit from a
renewable source - and they even match your current suppliers rates.

What about where Fedora's accounts are held?

 * Many banks will invest in arms companies, sweatshops etc and other
ethically dubious organisations
 * Some banks hold an ethical policy where they explicitly state what
kind of projects your money is invested in, and guarantee not to
invest in some groups

What about the impact of FUDCon?

I think we're already heading in a good direction with more FUDCons
being held around the world, but it's something we might want to

Interested to hear people's thoughts,


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