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Re: Fedora and the world

2008/5/15 Jeff Spaleta <jspaleta gmail com>:
> On Thu, May 15, 2008 at 8:57 AM, Ignacio Vazquez-Abrams
> <ivazqueznet gmail com> wrote:
>> What if a Fedora account is held by someone seeking to overthrow a
>> government? What if a Fedora account is held by a company seeking to
>> find a cure for a terminal disease via illegal stem cell research? What
>> if a Fedora account is held by a vandal? A robber? Someone speaking out
>> against a religion?
>> IMO, the Fedora Project MUST maintain an amoral stance on who gets
>> accounts (within the realm of the laws it's bound by, of course), even
>> if the members feel otherwise.
> Oh we are talking about FAS accounts.... not the secret monetary bank
> accounts that I'm not suppose to know about.

Lol, well I was talking about bank accounts, but if Fedora has no
money of its own then I guess this isn't a problem!
> I think FAS usage policy should be as narrow as possible, and account
> restrictions and terminations scenarios should be well defined and
> limited to things which directly impact the ability for this project
> to function without speaking to any larger political agenda.  I
> certainly wouldn't want to see Fedora policies designed to punish
> 'bad' behavior outside the scope of Fedora operations.  We've got more
> than enough political drama internally, thanks.
> Now as a project, we might empower the Board to find a way to reward
> externally facing behavior.  The Fedora Peace Prize?  The Fedora Green
> Living Initiave?  The Fedora Pimped Out Ride Award?  With the payoff
> for the project being strengthening the awareness of the Fedora brand
> and the Fedora mission as a force for social good.

I agree that it would strengthen the Fedora brand, but that shouldn't
be the only reason we would do something like this. IMHO, it's the
right thing to do, and some steps that we could take might be as
simple as thinking carefully about some of the things I suggested in
my first e-mail.



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