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Re: Fedora and the world

Jeff Spaleta said the following on 05/15/2008 03:26 PM Pacific Time:
On Thu, May 15, 2008 at 2:23 PM, Stephen John Smoogen <smooge gmail com> wrote:
Not that I think such entities exist... but I don't see how they can
give funding without dealing with a non-profit organization or Red Hat
were to 'offer' specified services for money with respect to Fedora.
In that case some company could then 'pay' Red Hat for say gcc support
in Fedora or something.. but there has to be some entity that the
organizations would have to do 'business' with.

The fact that Fedora has a formalized budget now inside the
fenceline...is a start.  Whether how its setup now, is enough to
position Fedora as an entity one can do 'business' with is beyond me.
But I think that is exactly the direct we need to continue to head.

Or I wonder if it would be easier for someone that wants to financially help Fedora to sponsor an activity directly that benefits Fedora?

For example, if a company or person X wanted to help Fedora they could pay a replicator (or whatever they are called) directly to produce all of the media for Fedora X to be handed out events. This gets Fedora out of having to handle the funds and allows internally allocated funds to then be used for other purposes.

Perhaps this would cause other accounting/reporting problems... I don't know.


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