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Re: Fedora websites and licensing

On Mon, May 26, 2008 at 1:56 PM, Karsten 'quaid' Wade <kwade redhat com> wrote:
> On Fri, 2008-05-23 at 14:51 -0500, Mike McGrath wrote:
>> Doesn't the CLA allow us to re-license contributions that came in from
>> start to finish by people who have signed the CLA?
> I'm fairly certain only the copyright holder can license and re-license.
> The CLA definitely does not assign copyright, only copyright license.
> Now, the copyright license _could_ grant rights to re-license, but this
> one doesn't AFAIK.

Correct. Only the owner can relicense or allow others to relicense...
one of the reasons for the old FSF sign over all your rights to us.

> AFAICT, the CLA gives us the rights to continue using, modifying, and
> distributing the various contributions to the Websites codebase.  But if
> we want to license it so it is clear for others down the road, we'll
> likely need to approach all copyright holders to get permission.  We had
> to do that when we moved documentation to the OPL from the GNU FDL.  We
> had to drop parts of one (defunct) guide because the author did not
> agree to the re-licensing.

The second way is to rewrite what was written.

Stephen J Smoogen. -- BSD/GNU/Linux
How far that little candle throws his beams! So shines a good deed
in a naughty world. = Shakespeare. "The Merchant of Venice"

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