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Reviving the idea of Fedora Mentors?

So we've got this page:


Which is an incredibly outdated relic from a previous attempt at mentorship.

Now, I think that nearly everybody I know spends a fair amount of their time in informal mentorship. Lots of folks stand ready to help a newbie contribute to the Fedora effort.

But with the completion of FAS2, and with the new media for the F9 discs that will have the Join URL right there on the sleeve, and with the tremendous success we're seeing at shows like LinuxTag and FISL and elsewhere, I think it's likely that we will see a *huge* influx of newbies like we've never seen before. And as much work as we continue to do to lower the barrier of entry, the fact remains: participating in something as big as Fedora can be intimidating.

It occurs to me that maybe our first effort at a Mentors project was a bit premature. Is this a good time to revisit the question?


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