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Re: Reviving the idea of Fedora Mentors?

On Fri, May 30, 2008 at 12:17 PM, Greg Dekoenigsberg <gdk redhat com> wrote:
> So we've got this page:
> http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Mentors
> Which is an incredibly outdated relic from a previous attempt at mentorship.
> Now, I think that nearly everybody I know spends a fair amount of their time
> in informal mentorship.  Lots of folks stand ready to help a newbie
> contribute to the Fedora effort.
> It occurs to me that maybe our first effort at a Mentors project was a bit
> premature.  Is this a good time to revisit the question?

I think it is a great time to revisit the question.  Obviously the
current page is out of date.  So an early step would be make sure
people listed on that page are still willing to be a Fedora Mentor.
In addition we've had several new faces step up in many SIGs and
projects that are likely great candidates to have their name on that

>From where I sit, I think there are several  people willing to help
new folks to the project.  The problem is making sure the new
contributors know who to contact for help or those early questions new
contributors might have.  So just a re-awareness of the Fedora Mentors
project, the effort to keep that page up to date and to make sure each
SIG/Project has a mentor representative would be a big step in the
right direction.


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