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Fedora Board Recap 2009-08-20 UTC 1600


== Roll Call ==

* Present: Josh Boyer, Matt Domsch, Paul Frields, Dennis Gilmore, Dimitris Glezos, Mike McGrath, Bill Nottingham, John Poelstra, Tom Callaway

* Regrets: Christopher Aillon

== Agenda ==

=== FUDCon Update ===

* Dec. 5-7 in Toronto (see announcement)
** Technical sessions Saturday, hackfests on Sunday & Monday
** intentionally adding a user track
** some pre-vetted talks in addition to barcamp-style sessions
** Board will schedule a face-to-face meeting at FUDCon Toronto 2009
** Other information to follow soon, logistics thru Paul and Mel Chua

=== Russian Fedora Initiative ===

** Non-software goods license approved by Legal
** Awaiting contact back from Alexey to create agreements; email on 2009-08-12
** No change

=== Thai community domain ===

** Dimitris asked Thai community rep to choose an option of the two possible
** Respondent asked for fedora.in.th domain usage
** Paul to prepare TM license

=== Brazilian Fedora site ===

** Board requests specific changes to accommodate licensing 
** Link to projetofedora.org and name change to indicate status
** Note to ASL and fedora.org.br maintainer setting out requirements for license
** Changes requested by 2009-09-10 (~3 weeks)
** Spot has talked with site maintainer, meeting requirements not expected to be a problem

=== Spins and Download site redesign ===

** FAB threads have been quiet
** Paul requested Board members to discuss on FAB -- no updates last week
** Wiki page created here: https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Website_redesign_2009
** Paul has filled it in somewhat
** Need some official word from Board that mockups are approved thus far
** Set up IRC meeting next week (2009-08-27 UTC 1600 proposed) to go over them with Mo Duffy (& possibly Ricky Zhou)
** Paul to make announcement

== New business ==

=== Default Desktop ===

* Dennis directed the Board to http://lists.opensuse.org/opensuse-project/2009-08/msg00548.html
** OpenSUSE will default to a KDE desktop radio button selection in DVD installer
** Fedora doesn't have such a stance on KDE
** At a previous meeting the Fedora Board made a decision to make the download page less confusing for end-users
** Dennis to extend invitation to KDE SIG to attend the IRC meeting (see above) when the design of the new web pages will be discussed further
** Encourage people who disagree with the current proposed design to bring constructive suggestions for improvement within the requirements already specified and discussed on fedora-advisory-board

=== Hall Monitor Update ===

** Update on process to FAB for transparency
** Monitors to issue quarterly reports

=== General spin question ===

* (mmcgrath) Who approves different spins?
** Mike would like to treat net install like a spin and make a page for it, post-F12
** Spins could potentially move to mirror space soon now that we have more space
** (group answer) The spins SIG does technical approval, and the Board approves trademarks
** The purpose is to better market the net installation ISO for general use
* No Board action needed, just FYI and information gathering

== Next meeting ==

* Proposed: 2009-08-27 UTC 1600
** IRC Meeting with Design team
** Paul to send announcement 
** John Poelstra on vacation all week -- will not be able to attend

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