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Hall Monitor update

A brief update on the Hall Monitor policy.

To date, we have sent two official warnings.  One was for a comment in
bugzilla, the other was for comments on the fedora-devel-list.

The first case went away quietly, and the person being warned replied and
acknowledged and has not had any further action.

The second case resulted in a reply about censorship, and further negative
comments were made in the original thread.  That resulted in two actions.

1) That person was moderated for 3 days starting last August 14.
2) The thread itself was moderated due to further commentary that was not

The moderated person did not post again to fedora-devel-list over the
weekend, and is no longer moderated as of Aug 17.  The thread itself remains
moderated.  I approved two acceptable posts to it over the weekend.  All of
this is archived in the moderators mailing list, per policy.

At this point, I can't say whether the policy is helping the tone of the
lists or not.  There have been a few threads that have gotten testy
since we implemented it but I think the overall frequency of those is a bit

The actual policy itself seems to be working, as unfortunate as it's
necessity is.


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