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Re: website mockups, what is fedora?

On 08/21/2009 10:04 AM, Rex Dieter wrote:
> Then, look at the new website mockups.
> (perceived) Answer: Fedora is the fedora-desktop spin

Well, I think the point here is that for the new, uninformed user, we
need to present them with a single default choice.

Forcing them to choose between:

GNOME, KDE, Games, LXCE, EDU, Electronics, Security

... the new uninformed user isn't going to be able to make a good choice
there, and IMHO, the main download page is not the right place for each
spin to make an elaborate argument as to why the new, uninformed user
should download them instead.

Now, for the other subset of users who are able to make a more
intelligent choice, they should hit that download page and it should be
clear that there are other Fedora configurations, and if they want to
see all the options available, they can click here.

That page is the place where all spins (including the Desktop spin) have
the opportunity to sell themselves to the informed or at least savvy
user, both with a short summary and then with their own set of pages
dedicated to the spin.

Perhaps that isn't obvious enough in Mo's mockup
(http://duffy.fedorapeople.org/temp/woot/page2.png), if so, I'm sure she
would appreciate the feedback.

I also suggested the possibility of running "banner ads" for each of the
spins, equally distributed, giving each spin an opportunity to promote
itself (possibly even on the download page itself, if placed in a
non-confusing way).


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