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Re: website mockups, what is fedora?

On 08/21/2009 07:15 AM, Tom "spot" Callaway wrote:
> On 08/21/2009 10:04 AM, Rex Dieter wrote:
>> Then, look at the new website mockups.
>> (perceived) Answer: Fedora is the fedora-desktop spin
> Well, I think the point here is that for the new, uninformed user, we
> need to present them with a single default choice.
> Forcing them to choose between:
> GNOME, KDE, Games, LXCE, EDU, Electronics, Security
> ... the new uninformed user isn't going to be able to make a good choice
> there, and IMHO, the main download page is not the right place for each
> spin to make an elaborate argument as to why the new, uninformed user
> should download them instead.
I think that part of Rex's post was about this::

Especially for the classes of users identified as:
People who are somewhat computer savvy, but may be new to Fedora and/or
Linux and FOSS in general
People who don't know where to find anything other than the default
offering (i.e., is there something else available?)
These folks likely want to know more about the project scope, and
(over)simplification is missing the opportunity to inform and educate them.

If this is true, then the identification of who this page is targetted
at wouldn't be "new and uninformed" users.  It would be "new and
*curious*" users.  Let's face it.  New and uninformed users are going to
run whatever comes preinstalled on their computer be it Windows, MacOS,
or the *nix distro that their child threw onto the computer when buying
it for them.  New and curious users have already made a conscious choice
to check out what else is available.  If this is our target audience,
then we need to make it so it's easy for them to continue to explore
their choices.

There are two ways that people check out what we have to offer.  One way
is to download the 700MB of a livecd (or more if they download a liveusb
image or the DVD install disc) and try it out.  For the people that like
this kind of hands-on approach and are unconcerned with how long it will
take for the image to download/how much of their bandwidth cap for the
month they'll be using we need to have a Big Button for them to download
a default spin.  Let them get their hands on it as quickly as possible.

The other way to check things out is by reading our descriptions,
looking at screenshots, reading reviews, and doing research before they
download anything.  Perhaps they do this because they don't like jumping
into commitment, perhaps bandwidth isn't free where they live, perhaps
they just like to read.  All of our recent get-fedora pages and mockups
have missed out on making things easy for these people -- possibly
because we're targeting someone that isn't even in our target audience
-- the people that just want to be handed something that they can use
and don't want to make any choice at all.

Deciding to use Linux (over Windows) and Fedora (over Ubuntu) already
shows that our users are willing to make intelligent choices -- it's
just a matter of catering to *how* they make those decisions.

> Perhaps that isn't obvious enough in Mo's mockup
> (http://duffy.fedorapeople.org/temp/woot/page2.png), if so, I'm sure she
> would appreciate the feedback.
I think this could be a good starting point.  Right now, above the fold,
we have a huge "Download Now!" button and some fine print that says that
its "690MB, ISO format, 1 CD-ROM disc image for Intel-compatible
PCs(32bit)".  And below that, in fine print, but highlighted in blue,
"More download options...".  Below the fold, there's a pull box that has
several headings in it.  The top headings in each column are "Huh? What
does 'Live Media' mean?" and "Need to upgrade Fedora?".  Below these two
headings, there's an "Other Options" heading.  Reading this entry you
see that "Other Options" include "other architectures" "other desktops",
"other spins", and "physical media".  I can then click on "View Full
list of options for getting Fedora..." if I choose.

If I approach this as someone who wants to learn more about Fedora by
reading more vs learning more by using it, here's what's lacking in this

* Above the fold is much too terse.  "More download options..." means
what exactly?  That I can choose to get Fedora from a mirror or
bittorrent?  That I can get it as an installable image instead of a live
image?  If the next page is where we want spins to strut their stuff and
give me a more in-depth look at what I'll see when I download a
particular Fedora spin, I need to know (1) That there are different
flavours of Fedora and (2) That clicking on this link will take me to
information about those spins.

* Below the fold, the fact that there are other flavours of Fedora is
the last thing listed and is just a list of options.  It doesn't tell
people that Fedora comes in different flavours.  It doesn't tell people
that there's more information about the various flavours available.  it
doesn't make any attempt to entice people to the next page.

There needs to be more of a draw for the second class of learners to
want to click on that link.  They have to know that when they click it
they will not be taken to a page like this:
but a page like this:
that has information on every spin, not just the default spin.

What do I suggest?  Two things:  Instead of "More download options" and
"more options"  make the links something like "Other Fedora Spins" or
"More Fedora Flavours".  Then in the pull box, make the first headline,
"What's a Spin?" or "What's a Flavour?"  and briefly touch on these points:
* Fedora is created by a diverse community
* You can try out Fedora pre-optimized for differing tasks and

This gives the second class of learner enough information and piques
there curiousity enough for  them to click on the link.

We want this class of learner to understand that Fedora Desktop OR
Fedora KDE OR Fedora Electronics Lab are all valid choices, not just
Fedora OR Ubuntu OR OpenSolaris.


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