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Re: website mockups, what is fedora?

On 08/21/2009 07:52 AM, Mike McGrath wrote:

> Now the 'vision' stuff.  We're kind of hoping the spins page (which will
> include KDE, the gnome spin and others) will become a strong way for the
> individual sigs to give a better indication on what the spin is, why one
> should download it, include pictures, videos, whatever to better market
> it.
I try not to be an active desktop-proponent but I do like to support
fairness.  To make the spin page viable getting to it has to be a lot
easier.  When confronted with this:

|                                 |
|      DOWNLOAD FEDORA NOW!       |
|                                 |

(more download options)

There's not any incentive to visit the spins page.  If we expect the
spins page to be a showcase of talent, then we have to drive people to
visit the spins page to see that talent.  Otherwise the talent will
spend its time doing more important things.

> If it's a complete failure (and it very well might be), lets look at why,
> what could be done to make it better.  If there's nothing else to make it
> better, bring it back to the board and state why and we'll re-think it.
Since I know you love doing this, what's the metric for failure?  What
are we going to measure to determine if the spins page doesn't work?
Fewer hits on the spins page than on the get-fedora page (since in F11,
the KDE spin download banner was seen everytime the get-fedora page was
hit)?  A smaller percentage of downloads for the KDE spin vs total ISO
downloads than in F11?  Fewer new contributors to the KDE SIG after F12
than were gained after F11?

Equally, how do we measure success?  If a higher percentage of people
download a non-default spin?

If there's really the expectation that we can evaluate how the spins
page affects the adoption of non-default Fedora spins and that we'll
make changes (even back to the old page if it's better than the current
page) if the experiment is a failure, then there has to be an agreed
upon way to measure that success or failure -- otherwise you're just
deferring the arguments until later.  And making it harder for the
people who don't like this change to be heard (since inertia will then
be on the side of the new design).


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