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Re: website mockups, what is fedora?

On Sat, 2009-08-22 at 00:15 -0400, Ben Boeckel wrote:
> I've had to talk people through drag and drop. If I gave them a 
> link to a page with an ISO and *complete* instructions, they'd 
> still call me for help. This is how I feel most technophobic 
> people see computers and what the new download page is 
> attempting to target.

The requirements make it quite clear we are not targeting absolute
n00bs. We're targeting folks who know how to drive a machine but simply
don't have Linux or open source experience. 

The page is not trying to target Grandma. Believe me, it would look a
LOT different if it was.

> I think we should be able to have some way of putting the DEs on 
> one page and yet still be able to get the attention of new users 
> to get the default.

As I challenged you to do earlier, show me the mockup. I've tried to
make it and pkilled inkscape in utter disgust. Lack of design skills is
no excuse - make squares on a canvas and label each with where you'd
have these things go. A wireframe is fine.

> That would be good :) . I still think not at least giving them 
> equal footing with GNOME is wrong, but it's a start.

Did you not look at the spins mockup? The desktop spin is placed on
there no more prominently than any other spin.


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