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Re: website mockups, what is fedora?

On 08/23/2009 09:25 PM, Thomas Janssen wrote:

> I cant see anything wrong at pro choice and especially not at pro
> freedom.

Forcing users to pick a desktop environment is no more a favorable point
than forcing users to pick a text editor. In either case, it is the
distribution's job to pick a default. The mechanism is completely a
orthogonal point. The fact is that they now have a default choice where
they didn't have one for several releases. That is a important thing to
take into consideration while arguing about abstracts like "choice" or
"freedom". Fact is that, such abstracts don't make a good argument at all.

> I cant completely agree with you here. I'm not saying that Fedora is
> wrong with it, but the *how* is wrong

If you want to grow your
> userbase, you have to listen to your community. If you don't do it,
> don't wonder if it's not growing (i do understand that you can't
> listen for every single peep).

Then, what does listening to the community mean, exactly? Community is
not a single entity with a chorus view point. The free software
community tends to be a very diverse group with very different and
strong view points that contradict each other.  I don't agree that
fanboysim in a voting poll is equivalent to listening to the community.
If popularity is the right choice, we should all be running Windows


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