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Re: website mockups, what is fedora?

Máirín Duffy wrote:

> - By next Friday I am hoping to close out the feedback period so I can
> crank out the rest of the work (which is hopefully less controversial)
> so I can get the websites team a solid set of mockups by Sept. 20 for
> the spins and by Sept. 27 for the FPO-related stuffs.
> - F12 comes out and the new site design comes out. Hopefully you don't
> all hate me at this point and we have a website that at least most if
> not everyone can be proud of (if not at least unashamed of. :) )

Everyone should at least appreciate the hard work put into these new
designs. It's been a valuable discussion too, and the kde sig will do it's best to accept and work within the current design goals and requirements. In my mind anyway, there's no doubt that the overall result will be a significant improvement over the status-quo.

That said, it's clear that many of the concerns and issues we have seem to be fundamental ones that simply aren't rectifiable in this design phase, given the goals and requirements currently outlined by the board. The hope is that we can continue to work with the board to address that in the future.

-- Rex

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