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Re: please review mockup (was Re: website mockups, what is fedora?)

On 08/23/2009 12:51 PM, Paul Frields wrote:
> Something that might help keep the "Other options" area from
> overwhelming the download button area would be to relocate the panda.
> I think removing the "confused panda" is a good idea because it sends
> a subtle signal that there's just too much going on in the page, and
> maybe the user *should* be confused.  I could see putting a confident,
> happy panda next to the download button with a sort of Vanna White
> pose, so a user who's not looking for other options won't feel like
> they're making a mistake by taking the obvious choice. (I'm recalling
> Barry Schwarz's TED Talk on the paradox of choice here.)
I think the Download Now button is pretty darn prominent right now.
It's big, first, centered with whitespace around it.  Visually, it's the
main element of the page and nothing else comes close to rivaling it.

If you detract too much from the other options area, then they become
overwhelmed by the download button.  We do want people who are looking
for the other options to feel that they should click there.  People who
aren't curious and just want to download Fedora are probably going to
ignore everything beyond the main page element since that provides them
with exactly what they are looking for.

One person in #fedora-kde noted that the other options area still
reminds them of the "fine print" boxes that you ignore when the main
print is staring you in the face.  I don't know if that particular
person would be satisfied with anything less than equal billing (which
would definitely *not* satisfy the Board requirements) but I do think
that attempting to make the Download Now button even more prominent
compared to "other options" is the wrong way to go.


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