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Re: please review mockup (was Re: website mockups, what is fedora?)

On 08/23/2009 02:22 PM, mairin linuxgrrl com wrote:
> stickster wrote:
>> Something that might help keep the "Other options" area from
>> overwhelming the download button area would be to relocate the panda.
>> I think removing the "confused panda" is a good idea because it sends
>> a subtle signal that there's just too much going on in the page, and
>> maybe the user *should* be confused.  I could see putting a confident,
>> happy panda next to the download button with a sort of Vanna White
>> pose, so a user who's not looking for other options won't feel like
>> they're making a mistake by taking the obvious choice. (I'm recalling
>> Barry Schwarz's TED Talk on the paradox of choice here.)
> I'm wondering if the Vanna White panda (ooh can I give it a dress?)
> pointing out the other options block would help draw attention to it since
> folks still seem to think it still is too de-emphasized...
If you're okay with that, I like the idea a lot!

The panda would be pretty low on the page as well so I don't think it
would pull that much attention from the "Download Now" button.  Just
enough for people looking for something besides a simple download to hop
to what the panda was pointing out as the second most important item.


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