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Re: website mockups, what is fedora?

I just wanted to bump this because I would love to see a response to

Also note I'm currently running an informal survey about when/why - how
- what users download to help inform this. But I need to hear from KDE
folks too so I can understand your goals.


On Fri, 2009-08-21 at 22:33 -0400, Máirín Duffy wrote:
> KDE folks, please tell me HOW not having a link to the KDE spin on the
> main download page is going to hurt you. Please. Tell me the problems it
> will cause that I need to solve and I am sure they can be solved in
> other and potentially better ways.
> I cannot solve the problems it will cause you in my designs if I do not
> know what they are. I have tried to tell you in many different ways why
> the link has been removed - along with 20 other links - because we are
> targeting a new class of users.
> Tell me what you really want - what are the KDE spin's goals? 
> - Do you want to grow users of Fedora KDE? What users are you looking to
> attract? How do they differ from the target users of the Desktop spin?
> How would you market to them? 
> - Do you simply want KDE to be recognized as an important part of the
> Fedora project? There are many, many, many potential ways of doing that,
> that do not involve the 'Get Fedora' page at all. 
> - Do you just want KDE to be easy to find for the experienced KDE users
> that know what they're doing? There must be modifications we could do to
> address this case.
> I'm trying to reverse-engineer your intentions. But I have NO CLUE what
> it is you're wanting. My blog has been flooded with complaints that
> there is no KDE link, and I've even been subject to rather harsh and
> unfair berating in IRC over this. Let's fix this by talking about your
> goals and your concerns about the problems this change is going to cause
> rather than demanding via multiple forms of communication that it should
> be added back without rationale.
> No matter how many times I repeat it I do not think it is going to
> change - adding a KDE link to that page not only completely goes against
> the requirement of having one main default download on the page, but it
> really also goes against my professional opinion as a designer as what
> is best for making a page that will attract the types of users that the
> Board has told me they would like to make a try at.
> So please tell me what problems removing that link is going to cause
> you, and please tell me what your goals as a project are. I will do my
> very best to come up with something that you can at least be amenable to
> (and I am hoping you would rather be delighted with it), I have
> absolutely nothing against you and anytime I've needed help with
> something KDE, KDE SIG members have been extremely responsive and
> helpful. So, please don't take this or make this personal. Help me and
> you have a right to complain if you don't like the results. 
> If the goal is to 'show KDE as a prominent and valued member of the
> Fedora community', again, there are far better ways of doing that than
> cluttering up the main download page. For real. Fedora KDE is not just
> an ISO file. Fedora KDE is a SIG, Fedora KDE is a community, Fedora KDE
> is a group of really cool (well at least not when they're berating me in
> IRC ;-) ) and smart people who put out one of the best versions of KDE
> for a distro out there. So why do you sell all of Fedora KDE short by
> considering it just to be an ISO file?

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