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RE: Request for a *.fedoraproject.org subdomain

On Tue, 25 Aug 2009, Mike McGrath wrote:

> On Tue, 25 Aug 2009, Steven M. Parrish wrote:
> > My goal is to make sure that we maintain the look and feel of f.p.o.  The last thing we want is to confuse the user with a different design.  Using a template for consistency is a great idea, and since none of us is a web designer we will make use of the Fedora Design team if they are willing to assist.
> >
> Based on the mockups you see it would be very wise to start writing up
> paragraphs and getting whatever screen shots you feel are important
> together.  Design is one thing, actual content is another.  You can get
> the basics up and ready so we can get it filled in and handed back to you
> for tweaks and changes and things.

Replying to myself here.  I suspect these spins pages will be similarly
controlled to the rest of our websites infrastructure.  We build most
sites from the fedora-web repo.  I'm sure long term this will change, it's
possible short term it will change as well.

The basics are listed here:


This allows for a good amount of control, allows your pages to be
completely translated, etc.  As I understand it people in each sig will
have the ability to edit and alter their pages on their own following the
same requirements as the fedoraproject.org site (of which the important
ones are look and feel and the string freeze deadline for the

The websites team will probably also be editing the spins pages to correct
formatting issues, browser compatibility issues, fixing malformed or
inefficient images / screenshots and that type of thing.  I'm sure they'll
help with anything else that is requested.

This could all change if we find a better way of doing things while
converting the mockups to code, but I suspect we'll end up with something
very similar to how fedoraproject.org is presently built.


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