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Re: The current Trademark License Agreement is unacceptable

On Thu, 27 Aug 2009, Richard Koerber wrote:
> Frankly, I would rather drop the domain or close down the entire site,
> before I would sign the TLA.


I completely agree with you here for the current adhesion contract, that I
got sent in March 2009 by Paul. I didn't sign the contract for the obvious
reasons (and because of the lack of a missing qualified translation).

I am not a lawyer, but for Germany the only legal way - at least as far as
I got told - seems to be, if you want right now to protect your Fedora
Project related domain names against Red Hat as the Fedora trademark owner,
shut the domains down to avoid any relationship to the Fedora Project and
add a disclamer if there was Fedora Project related usage in the past. As
long as there's no relationship to the trademark, a trademark owner can't
enforce the "right" to get the domain name, especially if it's in private
use - so far a German court decision. Remember, I am not a lawyer.

Since beginning of this issue for me in March, I got aware, that not all
domain owners having Fedora Project related domains with the name "fedora"
in it, have been asked by Paul and/or Red Hat legal to sign that trademark
contract. Can I assume, that there's only an interest in the "cool" domain
names? I'm sorry, but either all are asked or nobody is asked...


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