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Re: The current Trademark License Agreement is unacceptable

Am Freitag 28 August 2009 schrieb Tom "spot" Callaway:
> On 08/27/2009 06:08 PM, Robert Scheck wrote:
> > Can I assume, that there's only an interest in the "cool" domain
> > names?
> In America, there is a saying:
> When you assume, you make an ass out of you and me.
> Don't make that assumption. Any sites using the Fedora trademarks not
> asked to sign the trademark agreement are accidental, not intentional,
> omissions.

But Robert is the only domain holder in the german community to whom the TLA 
was send.
But please don't intend to send it to the remaining ones. I'm in contact with 
all of them and sending the TLA at this time without further discussion and 
without changes being made will likely force them to shut down their domains 
(so the conclusion at this point). And so a main part of the german community 
will be extinguished...


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