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Re: The current Trademark License Agreement is unacceptable

> More ridiculous than the level of mistrust over the stated intention
> to protect the trademarks against potential misuse?

It is not about mistrust...

When people sign contracts, it's usually because both sides expect a
gain from it. Anyhow, as I have explained, I think that I will have less
rights after signing the TLA than I have now (at least under German law).

I could use the fedora domain without worries, allright. But now I would
have to worry that I lose the right to publish my intellectual property
when Red Hat revokes the right to use their trademarks. Plus I would now
have to abide by a catalog of design requirements, in order to use the
trademark properly. Some of those requirements even raise new legal
issues for me.

So what is my actual gain from signing the TLA?

Especially when considering the fact that I have invested money and a
considerable amount of time in that site, but did not make a single cent
from it.

Besides that, we're not signing contracts for fun. Pacta sunt servanda.
It is careless to sign a contract in the hope that some parts of it will
never be applied.


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