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Re: The current Trademark License Agreement is unacceptable

On Fri, Aug 28, 2009 at 9:20 AM, Dimitris Glezos<dimitris glezos com> wrote:
> My suggestion is to trust our users by default.

Are you suggesting that there be no license agreement? Or are you
suggesting that the agreement be worded differently?

Assuming you mean no agreement at all....this is easy to say..but you
can't get around the need to have a trademark license agreement in
place if you want a protected mark.  There is no getting around that.
There has to be a license..a legal document...and all users of the
mark have to abide by it...or there is no protected mark.

Assuming you mean a different wording....you'd have to explicitly
define an exhaustive list of "bad things" and put them into the
license agreement as exclude behavior. If it comes down to judgement
on a case by case basis its effectively no different than the current
for any reason clause.  At best you've come up with a way to word the


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