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Re: Red Hat Comments on License Agreement

> The "first instance" standard is pretty commonplace.  Normally I
> recommend using it in title bars and headings, and then the first time
> it's used in the text.  But as far as I know there's no country that
> says specifically where you have to use the symbol.  Do you have an idea
> for a way it would work for you?

Well, yes. There is a common page that is required by law on virtually all
German web sites. It's the "contact" page, or more commonly called "imprint".
This page must be easily reachable from any other page (this is, it must not
be hidden or take several clicks to reach it). On this page contact addresses
and tax information (for commercial sites) are mandatory, but usually there
are also terms of use, disclaimers, copyright notes, trademark information and
other legal stuff to be found there.

I think this would be the best place for trademark notes regarding Fedora, and
also very likely the first page where people would look for such information.
Would this be acceptable for the TLA?

Well, so far I have talked for my own concerns. What is with the other people
in Christoph's thread? Any comments, anyone?


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