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gallery.fedoraproject.org who is interested ?

Hello there,

FEL is a bit too technical for the general public. However it is
opensource and we are all proud of what we can achieve with it. In
order to do its marketing and build a community around it seduces new
users and contributors, we need to show what the software under its
umbrella can achieve. What else other than screenshots and events
photos more appropriate to convey such thing ?

I also believe that other teams have similar issues. Hence I'm hoping
for your support to find a common solution for everyone.

On IRC, mmcgrath told me that costs might be an issue for having a
gallery for FEL only, due to its targeted users. Thus it seems wise to
have one a big gallery for all the teams. At top level, every team
will have its album and will be able to create sub albums.

   * backend design
   * events
   * PCB
  * events
  * ...
* Artwork
  * F-12
  * F-13

There were a lot of discussion about gallery.fedoraproject.org in the
past. Are we ready to realise it ? Who supports the idea so that we
can file a proper RFR ?

All I'm hoping for is that the work done behind FEL can still live
without me. We currently have a temporary gallery here
http://publictest6.fedoraproject.org/gallery2/main.php but it can be
deleted without any warning. Hence I'm looking for a permanent place
with other contributors having write access as well.

I think the marketing team will be the one who will most benefit from
it by showing F as Friends from those Fedora Events.

Kind regards,
Chitlesh Goorah

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