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Re: Planet material

On Wed, Dec 09, 2009 at 05:54:46PM -0500, Seth Vidal wrote:
> On Wed, 9 Dec 2009, Tom \"spot\" Callaway wrote:
> >On 12/09/2009 05:30 PM, inode0 wrote:
> >>Before I post a picture of someone in a bikini to find out if that was
> >>really it, can someone just share with the rest of us what it was so
> >>we can all understand what is and what isn't permitted?
> >
> >It was a screenshot of a Fedora desktop, where the background was set to
> >a rather scantily clad woman.
> >
> >Illegal? Probably not. But it failed the "appropriate for viewing at
> >work" test.
> the second item was a video of a woman stripping - and afaict - it
> had no particular relevance.

Actually, the second item was the static shot for that video, which
didn't offer any context for the video itself.  I was told the video
itself was intended to be a joke about NSFW videos, although it wasn't
funny or that appropriate for our Planet.

I didn't mean to be unecessarily coy about the particular details of
this case.  This kind of material has made it to the planet in several
other previous instances, and I didn't want to point fingers at anyone
in particular if we haven't made some clear examples of what's
inappropriate.  We try to rely on common sense, but individual and
cultural differences do exist, so I hope spelling out those examples
will help.

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