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Re: Update/install experience


Let me briefly summarize my takeaway from the discussion before it
gets flushed from short term memory:

On the Fedora infrastructure side, the two main things that I remember are:

* Do enhancement updates at most once a month (keeping one repo, so
enhancements might get pushed along with security, but better than the
arbitrary time now)
* AutoQA hook in updates process

Most of the experience problems in my mind are actually in the desktop
UI we have currently; i.e. don't apply if you're running a virtual
private server which you administer over ssh or whatever.  Though
there is some overlap; e.g. providing the user/admin with knowledge of
what needs to be restarted consistently.

I wrote up a summary of my discussions with mizmo and skvidal here:


The concept of doing the per-application update in the UI still needs
fleshing out; the whole thing is probably an F14 completion type
thing, depending on resourcing; though F13 could have some more
short-term hacks, say just target Firefox specifically as some people
have been advocating.

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