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Re: "Fedora" in a domain name

On Sun, 8 Feb 2009, Scott Williams wrote:

I'm starting a project to package security updates for EOL versions of Fedora and was interested in possibly using the word "Fedora" within the domain URL. I intend to carefully follow the guidelines in http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Legal/TrademarkGuidelines and am seeking the consent of the Fedora board before registering any URLs.

I'm not particularly interested in debating the domain name question, because Paul and the rest of the FPB have taken care of that.

What I am curious to know, Scott, is what you think has changed in the community or in the scope of what you want to do w/ EOL security updates that will make this project more compelling for participation than Fedora Legacy.

Fedora Legacy was successful for quite a while, and its shutdown was not a failure on its part, but rather a realization of two key points:

(1) It was in the better interest of the larger Fedora Project to have the talents that were doing Fedora Legacy more focused on the new stuff happening in Rawhide or in other parts of the Project. The opportunity cost of Fedora Legacy was quite high.

(2) For people who wanted the legacy support, an enterprise distro, which already had process and infrastructure to provide that longer suppot was a more efficient choice. In other words, Fedora's niche, combined with the larger Red Hat Enterprise (and rebuilds) ecosystem around it, meant that folks were spending a ton of time on Fedora legacy work for not a whole lot of payoff.

I'm not trying to discourage you. I'm simply trying to get a sense as to whether you think some of these points have changed, or perhaps are no longer valid.


I'm curious how much further you are going to try to extend the life of older Fedora distros via security updates. What are you starting with?


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