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Of test spins and trademarks


I'd like some clarification from the board if possible. 
I'll use an example of the Xfce spin here, but this would apply to any
of the approved spins. 

- The Xfce Spin was approved by the board to use the Fedora trademark a
  while ago. So it can use fedora-logos and is an 'official' spin. 

- If I make a rawhide Xfce spin right now with current rawhide packages
  that seems to fall under: 


Which says: 

"use of the Fedora Trademarks is approved by the Fedora Board."

My questions: 

1. Is the approval I got a while back for the Xfce spin "good for
life" ? Or does it have some expiration date on it? 

2. Do I need board approval for any Xfce compose thats not made by
rel-eng in an "official" capacity on fedora infrastructure? Or does the
approval in 1 work for this? We want to make weekly test releases of a
rawhide Xfce spin, do we need to request approval for each? 

3. When changes are made to the spin kickstart, do I need to ask the
Board to vet and review them and reapprove the 'new' spin? 

If the answer to those is that approval is needed, does using
'generic-logos' bypass that? And how much would that invalidate our
testing as we are not testing the thing that will be composed and



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