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Re: [Fedora-spins] Of test spins and trademarks

On Wed, Jul 15, 2009 at 3:01 PM, Paul W. Frields<stickster gmail com> wrote:
> It doesn't make sense to me to worry about trademark approval for
> images that are only going to be in use for a very short time.  If
> their survivability is a concern, I'll ask for QA to ensure they are
> removed regularly after their usefulness has expired.

The images I'm currently composing for Rawhide Xfce Spin testing only
have a shelf life of approximately 1 week and then the image is
removed and replaced by a new rawhide compose for more testing, I'm
currently hosting them on some web space I have on a server at work
but if they need to be transitioned to some Fedora provided resource
so that it is seen as "Fedora from Fedora" and not "Fedora from <some
random guy>" in the larger scope of things, I would be very happy to
do so.


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